Advanced Topics

Alright, so there’s no getting around it: science eventually builds upon itself, and no matter how hard I try, it gets next to impossible to make everything I write about “modular.”

There’s nothing particularly difficult to grasp about the topics below. At least, I hope I’ve written about them so that they’re very accessible to read. But still, if you’re new to any of these topics, it’ll help a lot to start out with related fundamentals over here.

I’ll be adding a few broader topics less related to astronomy later on–but that’ll be when I actually get to writing about them!


Gravity in Astronomy
Observational Astronomy
Interaction of Light & Matter
Our Sun: A Closer Look
Exploring the Stars
Interstellar Space
Star Birth & Structure
Evolution of Stars
Star Death
Compact Objects: Neutron Stars & Black Holes
The Milky Way Galaxy
Other Galaxies

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