Are you a bit new to the world of science? Not sure where to start?

I know science can seem pretty intimidating–but don’t worry, I’m here to help! My mission with this blog is to make science as accessible as possible for everyone.

On this page, you will find links to posts throughout my blog that are written with the beginner in mind. At the top, I’ve also included some topics to help familiarize you on what science is and isn’t.

What is Science? Updated!

I hope for these posts to serve as a general introduction to what science is, tailored for those of you who have had little exposure. It’s never too late to learn.

Moon Landings

Yes, the moon landings happened. Even if you already believe me, I think you’ll find the evidence that they happened to be interesting. It’s really fascinating how difficult it would have been to fake such a thing with the technology of the 1960s.

Coming Soon!

Astrology vs. Astronomy Updated!

People confuse these all the time. There’s no shame in it, especially considering that most sciences include the suffix “-logy,” meaning “the study of.” The suffix “-nomy,” on the other hand, means “the naming of.” So, literally translated, “astrology” means “the study of stars” and “astronomy” means “the naming of stars.” That’s…not even remotely what these two terms actually mean. Astrology is a religion in all but name; it’s generally referred to as a psuedoscience (that is, fake science). Astronomy is far more than just the naming of stars. It’s the science of the entire universe, and I have a whole section of this blog dedicated to it.

Common Misconceptions Updated!

If you have some of your science facts confused, you’re definitely not alone. Lots of people, including me, start out misinformed on how things work. This blog exists to help people find the right answers, but these Common Misconception posts will directly address commonly misunderstood science facts.

Science Answers Updated!

If someone reading this blog sends me a specific science question–which you can do here–I’ll link to it here, as well as in any other relevant science topic pages.

Science Branches

Here, you’ll find posts from each of my blog pages dedicated to specific branches of science. You’ll probably find these posts helpful if you’re reading the more involved topics, too.

Some science branches on this blog are, by nature, a bit more advanced and may not be included here, or may not have many posts. I also haven’t gotten around to a lot of them yet. My primary focus is currently astronomy, and other subjects barely have any material or none at all. I’ll get to it all eventually!

Physical Science

the study of the stars, planets, and universe

The Night Sky
Cycles of the Sun & Moon
Classical Astronomy
Gravity in Astronomy
Observational Astronomy
Interaction of Light & Matter
Our Sun: A Closer Look
Exploring the Stars
Interstellar Space
Deep Space

the study of the “stuff” everything we know about is made of

Matter & Change
Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table
Electrons in Atoms
Atomic Bonding

the study of rocks and minerals

Coming Eventually!

Climate Science
the study of Earth’s climate system, including how humanity is affecting the course of Earth’s natural ecosystems

Coming Eventually!

the study of the atmosphere and short-term weather patterns

Thunderstorms & Tornadoes

the study of ancient, extinct life on Earth

Coming Eventually!

the study of how basically anything works–the how and the why of motion, energy, matter, etc.

Coming Eventually

Life Science

the study—thus far mostly theoretical—of life beyond Earth

Coming Eventually!

the study of Earth’s wildlife

Coming Eventually!

the study of the smallest “unit” of life

Cell Structure & Function

the study of life’s DNA and heredity

Coming Eventually!

the study of how life has and will adapt to its environment over the course of history

Coming Eventually!

Microorganisms & Fungi
the study of small and microscopic life

Coming Eventually!

Plants & Animals
the study of you, me, your dog, the bird overhead, everything you find in zoos, etc.

Coming Eventually!

the study of creatures without a spinal column

Coming Eventually!

the study of creatures with a spinal column

Coming Eventually!

The Human Body
the study, very specifically, of you and me and other humans

Coming Eventually!

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