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Facebook Page: Science at Your Doorstep Want to be notified when new posts come out? Don’t use WordPress or want to use email? Just find me on Facebook!

The Sojourns of Star Trek This is still a baby blog and most of its content is incomplete, but I hope to get it up and running smoothly one of these days. It’s a fan base for all things Star Trek.

Facebook Page: The Sojourns of Star Trek

Toleventures Home to tales of my adventures with my friends aboard the three-masted schooner, Tole Mour.

Common Sense Politics (US) An American take on common sense in politics.

FictionPress A site for original works such as poetry and fiction. On my account, I post mainly poetry, but there’s also a short story.

Booksie Same story as above.

Archive of Our Own A fan fiction site—on my account, I post mainly Star Trek works.

FanFiction Same story as above.

Ad AstraStar Trek fan fiction site on which I post my works.





Old Content Archive This is a separate blog that contains all material, formerly posted to, that no longer belongs here.

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