Hello! Below are several contact forms–I’ve only separated them for the sake of programmed subject lines to keep my inbox organized.

General Contact Form

Want to get in contact with the person behind the website? I’d really love to hear from you–I want to meet you all, even though I know that’s probably not realistic! Go right ahead and say hello 🙂

Got Questions?

Are you curious about something I haven’t gotten around to writing about yet?

While I can’t promise I’ll get to every question–and you wouldn’t want me to, since I’m not yet an expert in any subject and I want to deliver you quality information–I want to encourage you to ask anyway. When you guys give me little side “projects” to research in addition to my main posting material, it tends to be a really interesting diversion.

So go ahead and send me a line. If I can deliver, it’ll likely be in the form of a published post!

Feedback & Suggestions

Got a suggestion to improve Science at Your Doorstep? Send me a line with the form below! I welcome feedback–I want to provide you with the best experience.

I’ve been getting emails lately from people volunteering to guest-post about marketing, business, and other topics completely unrelated to Science at Your Doorstep. If you’re one of those people, I’ll save you the trouble: I do not respond to such requests. But I’d love to hear from anyone who genuinely wants to talk with me! My heart leaps a little every time I see a new message in my inbox, and then sinks whenever I see that it’s just spam.

Find Me Online

Facebook Page: Science at Your Doorstep Want to be notified when new posts come out? Don’t use WordPress or want to use email? Just find me on Facebook!

Toleventures Home to tales of my adventures with my friends aboard the three-masted schooner, Tole Mour.

Booksie A site for original works such as poetry and fiction. On my account, I post mainly poetry, but there’s also a short story.

Archive of Our Own A fan fiction site—on my account, I post mainly Star Trek works.



Old Content Archive This is a separate blog that contains all material, formerly posted to, that no longer belongs here.

Questions? Or just want to talk?

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