Important Administrative Update

Okay, people…I know what you’re thinking.

All my posts seem to be down? The website is a shadow of what it used to be? Where’s all the content?

Don’t worry, it’s all coming back!

I’m working on some important website maintenance, but I was so tired last night I dropped the ball on letting you guys know right away. Sorry about that.

So…let me break down what the heck is going on.

What’s happening?

  • I’m rewriting all posts to reflect both my current writing style and the improved, holistic understanding of the subjects I have developed from writing so many of them.
  • I’m editing, replacing, and redrawing all images and diagrams to create a unified style across the blog.
  • I’m implementing sweeping organizational changes–but these will be purely on the administrative side. You probably won’t notice the difference. It’ll just get easier for me to maintain the blog as a whole.

How long will this take?

Probably about 13 months. That’s my estimate based on working full-time, having only two days a week at my disposal, and having roughly 2000-3000 words and 10 images to work on during those two days.

What’s available right now?

When will the rest be coming back?

As I go. My goal is to republish two posts a week, in chronological order, for the next 13 months.


Trust me–it’s necessary. There’s a lot of organizational and content issues painfully visible to me on the administrative side of things. I’m tackling a project I’ve put off for a long time: wrangling this blog into shape. This is a massive undertaking and an inconvenience for my audience, but it will be so worth it!

Why is this even going to take so long???

Er…sorry. 2K-3K words and 10 images a week really doesn’t sound like much when I have 50 times that published right now, does it? The words probably won’t be a problem–it’s the images that’s getting me. I’m not very artsy, so recreating everything to build a unified visual brand is a bit of an endeavor. I have zero art skills, and quite the learning curve ahead of me.

Are you sure it’s necessary?

Yes–because I want to deliver you guys the best content possible! I swear, this project is entirely intended to make Science at Your Doorstep more manageable for me in the long run!

I want to thank you all so much for your continued patience. It means so much to me. And I’m going to do my best to keep you continuously updated on any progress not obviously visible on your end. I’ll be updating this post, in particular, with what’s available to view, and it will be stuck to the top of my homepage in the meantime.

I’m sorry to spring this on you so suddenly…but the good news is, I will (ironically!) be publishing more science posts during this project than I have in the last few years! And the aim is to make it a lot easier to keep doing so after this is done.

Thanks for sticking around! 🙂

General Update: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Do you think you recognize this blog, but the title and url are wrong? Are you wondering how you’re following it, when you don’t remember ever hitting the follow button?

That’s probably because this is the blog once known as “Far Beyond the Stars” at the now-inactive url: And I was once known as Perse Show, though now I go by my real name, Emma.

Now you’re probably wondering why I threw you all for a loop by changing web addresses, blog names, usernames, and basically everything else that identifies me, while still holding onto the same location of the web.

Don’t worry. I’m about to explain all that, and also how the aim and focus of this blog has changed and could change in the future. (Not much is different, just the way it connects to my life!)

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