General Update: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Do you think you recognize this blog, but the title and url are wrong? Are you wondering how you’re following it, when you don’t remember ever hitting the follow button?

That’s probably because this is the blog once known as “Far Beyond the Stars” at the now-inactive url: And I was once known as Perse Show, though now I go by my real name, Emma.

Now you’re probably wondering why I threw you all for a loop by changing web addresses, blog names, usernames, and basically everything else that identifies me, while still holding onto the same location of the web.

Don’t worry. I’m about to explain all that, and also how the aim and focus of this blog has changed and could change in the future. (Not much is different, just the way it connects to my life!)
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Coming Soon!

Before you ask, yes, every field of science in the menu will eventually have material.

When is another question entirely.

I plan to publish at least 100 posts on every subject. For now, I’m trying to get up to about 50 with astronomy.

Because there is some overlap between that and other subjects, you’ll find posts under some of the other categories. Those are:

You can also find content under “Myth & Science” and “Science Stuff,” though those categories have been largely neglected thus far.

“Myth & Science” contains posts on myths that I use scientific evidence to confirm or debunk. “Science Stuff” consists of anything related to science that isn’t an explanation of a natural phenomenon.

After I finish posting the next ten or so astronomy posts, I’ll move on to another science field, and publish about 50 posts—one to three every week.

If you’d like to be notified when new posts come out, you can enter your email in the sidebar or follow this blog’s Facebook page.

I apologize for any inconvenience.