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What is Science? Updated!
Evolution vs. Creationism

Evolution is a well-tested scientific theory. Creationism is a religion. I have no problem with the belief in creationism. My problem arises from the insistence upon creationism as fact. In these posts, I’ll tackle this issue.

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Moon Landings

Yes, the moon landings happened. Here, I’ll explain how the evidence proves this.

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Global Warming

Global warming is separate from “climate change,” is anthropogenic (human-caused), and is a serious threat to our planet’s future. Here, I’ll explain why.

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Flat Earth Theory

Yes, there are people who believe the Earth is flat. In these posts, I’ll often reference the Flat Earth Society as I explain how this cannot be.

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Astrology vs. Astronomy Updated!
Common Misconceptions Updated!
Science Answers Updated!