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I'm a college student, astronomer, writer, Democrat, global warming activist, hardcore trekkie, daring adventuress, and dreamer. I write for different reasons. Sometimes because I want to share my process of discovery with others. Sometimes because I think a story is too incredible to keep it to myself. Sometimes just because I want to be heard. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

Magnitude and Intensity

I originally published this post to my now-inactive blog, so if you know me from back when the Old Content Archive was ftlofacts, you’ve read this already. If you know me from Science at Your Doorstep, then read on! It’s … Continue reading

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Stars: Naming and Brightness

So, this post builds a bit on constellations. I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about them, so I’ll give you a brief recap before we dive into stars, their names, and their brightness. Meet Pegasus, and the constellations … Continue reading

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You may have heard of a common pseudoscience—astrology. Astrology is a pseudoscience because it’s a set of beliefs that seem to be based on scientific ideas, but really, it fails to obey even the most basic rules of science. What … Continue reading

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I’m posting again on this blog!

Yes, you read that right. I’m back to posting on Far Beyond the Stars! (Update: I’m referring to the blog now known as Science at Your Doorstep.) Call me crazy, everyone, but I can’t help myself. I was just checking over my … Continue reading

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Elements and Compounds

Ooh, finally, it’s time to talk about elements and compounds. This is the part where I explain the periodic table. And, as you may know, the periodic table is pretty much the most important table in all of chemistry. Remember … Continue reading

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Guest Post—Collision of Science and Belief

Originally posted on A Momma's View:
Emma’s Blog, For The Love Of Facts, is a very new one and yet it’s not. Emma was blogging under the name of Perse before on Far Beyond The Stars. For a long…

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Earth as a Greenhouse

My plan for Thursdays’ climate science posts is to prove a negative: that global warming can’t not be happening. Here’s the thing, though. I don’t understand the science behind it well enough to start proving negatives yet. That’s why I’m going … Continue reading

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Types of Mixtures

The easiest way to explain mixtures in chemistry is to talk about food, so congrats to all you food bloggers! Today’s your special day! Think about mixtures in terms of cooking, and there isn’t much I need to tell you. … Continue reading

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What Matters?

I really hated to leave you guys hanging on the posts for last week. So I decided to offer you a little treat—the chemistry post that I wasn’t able to finish on time for its intended date on February 15th. The simplest approach to chemistry … Continue reading

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How it Doesn’t Work

There’s a certain rule in the scientific community—that talking about how something doesn’t work is boring, and it’s much more worth one’s time to just come out and say how it works. But we’ve already done that a hundred times over with … Continue reading

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