More Updates…

First, I hope you guys have seen the two new posts I published recently–see, I told you I’d be back!

Second, I’ve made some organizational changes that I hope you all like, and I have a question for you.

In the menu, to the left and right of “Physical Science” and “Life Science,” I used to have “Start Here” and “Myth & Science.” I decided to completely change the focus of these pages.

Now, to the left of “Physical Science” is “Fundamentals.” This is a dedicated page for any of you science beginners who really don’t know where to start.

To the right of “Life Science” is “Advanced Topics.” This page is full of posts I’ve marked as…well…a bit more advanced. These are just posts that are meant to build on your understanding of the fundamentals. Maybe you already have that understanding–no matter where you want to start, hopefully this organizational scheme will help you find exactly the sort of information you’re after.

Which brings me to my question…

In the 9.5 years that I’ve managed this blog, I’ve kept an eye on the stats, and I’ve noticed that very few of you actually view the pages for science branches.

I wonder if that might be because those pages are mainly accessible via the menu? I’ve also noticed that menus have never been particularly popular during the time I’ve been blogging, but especially recently, there seems to be a definite shift away from them. Apparently they’re not very “accessible,” or whatever today’s streamlined themes are talking about. Personally, I love menus, and wish more websites I used had them. But at the end of the day, all that matters to me is making sure you are getting the most out of this blog.

So here’s my idea. Would you rather a static homepage that displays visually pleasing links to those pages? And if so, would you prefer that I remove the menu entirely, or keep it to just “Home,” “About,” and “Contact?”

I’m not entirely sure how I would design the homepage, but it would display all available science branches currently available in the menu.

I’d really appreciate your feedback, either through the contact form below or in the comments.

As for the topics previously found on “Myth & Science”…

Those have been divided between “Fundamentals” and “Advanced Topics,” wherever I felt was most appropriate.

My priority was to make sure there is no ideological “gatekeeping” on this blog. I am no longer referring to things like astrology and Creationism as “myths.” I was wrong to do so. You can no doubt assume what my personal position is on these topics, but it doesn’t matter, and here’s why.

What I love most of all about science isn’t the discovery of the world, the scientific method, or even nitty-gritty details or trivia. It’s human connection. Everyone experiences nature in some way, and I think everyone feels some kind of connection to it, whatever that may be. And one only need look to my section on classical astronomy to see just how long humankind has looked to the stars and wondered. There is nothing quite so connecting as science.

The purpose of this blog is to bring science to your doorstep, to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. But more than that, it’s to reach out. More than anything, I want to meet all of you. I want to connect with as many people as possible.

I’m still going to write about things like astrology (vs. astronomy) and Creationism (vs. evolution) in the future, but only to casually present the science to those who are interested. I’m not looking to change anyone’s mind. If you’re curious about what the science says, then those future posts might interest you. But I’m not trying to sway you either way.

Questions? Or just want to talk?

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