Just Checking In

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your patience. The last few weeks I’ve been getting back to the novel I’ve been neglecting for at least a year, and doing something I love that’s just for me has really helped me get my energy back. I also started a personal blog to anonymously talk about what’s bothering me and connect with support, so I’ve been working on that. And I’ve generally been trying to get better about maintaining a work/life/SLEEP balance.

However…recently when I was at work and had no access to my novel, but things were slow and I had some time, I whipped out my astronomy textbook on Kindle. And I that got me really excited to come back—even more so than I was when I posted that lunar eclipse post. So I’m hoping to start publishing some more posts this “weekend” (Tuesday and Wednesday). We’ll finish off black holes first, then move on to some awesome phenomena from compact objects. There’s some really crazy stuff that goes on in these gravity wells! And then we’ll move on to talking about our galaxy, galaxies in general, and cosmology. After that, we’ll switch gears and return to our own solar system, where we’ll explore the planets and the possibility of life elsewhere.

I’m coming back, and I’m planning to get a lot more active than before…so I appreciate you guys bearing with me while I get my work/life/sleep/mental health balance figured out 🙂

4 thoughts on “Just Checking In

      • The timeline is uncertain given logistical problems, but I probably have roughly 2-3 semesters left of required and recommended classes I can get out of the way at a JC (and get an Associate’s while I’m at it). Then it’ll be 2 years to my Bachelor’s and probably another 5 till my PhD, after which I’ll be qualified to teach at a university. But I’ll still stay active on Science at Your Doorstep.


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