New: Mailing List!

Hi everyone,

So…I didn’t manage to get posts out this week. Sorry about that. I’m working up to 9 posts a week by August 1st, and according to my calendar, I am on track. I promise, you’ll get plenty of posts next week.

Wait a second…what was that about 9 posts a week?

My goal is to publish 9 posts a week for the next 5 years, starting by August 1st this year.

Many of you may prefer to follow me through the WordPress reader. If you’re alright getting 9 notifications from me in your feed every week, then we don’t have a problem. But if that’s too frequent for you, or if you’re subscribed to this blog via email…I have a second option for you.

I have a mailing list now!

If you join the mailing list, rather than follow me via the WordPress reader, you’ll get one email from me a week, containing excerpts and links to the previous week’s posts. Just pop your email in the “Follow Blog via Email” form in the sidebar and hit “Follow.”

Right now, it doesn’t really matter if you follow me via WordPress or the mailing list. But as a side project, I’m building up a website that’s identical to this blog in every way that matters to you…except it’ll be self-hosted.

When I make the switch sometime in the near future, you won’t be able to follow me via WordPress anymore, but the mailing list will remain.

Don’t worry about that yet. It’s a long way off. But if you’re debating about whether to follow me via WordPress or via the mailing list, I would go for the mailing list. It’s the more dependable option.

Anyway, I look forward to sending out my next science post on Monday! (And there’s plenty more to come after that!)


Questions? Or just want to talk?

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