Sunrise in Flagstaff

It’s 5:00 am and I’m up ungodly early to photograph the sunrise for a school assignment. So I figured I’d blog about it. Because, why not?

4:50: Okay, I’m up. Why do I have to be up so freaking early again?

5:00: Dressed. I can see the sunrise from a spot about twenty minutes away. Do I really have to get moving now?

(Unfortunately, yes. Because my brain is absolutely useless for anything but the prearranged plan. Working on homework sounds atrocious.)

5:19: Almost to my lookout point. Thank goodness there is little to no traffic. I really don’t feel like being run over because I didn’t have the brain space to remember the rules of the road…

5:21: At the parking garage. I’ll have a view of the horizon from the roof. But why does a multistory building need all these stairs…?

5:24: Up six flights of stairs, and I’m on the roof. Sunrise isn’t till 6:02. But my god, the horizon is beautiful…

For me, this is a once-in-a-lifetime sight, like a solar eclipse. I will never be up this early again if I can help it, so I’m going to appreciate the view while I’m here.

Well. Sunrise isn’t for another half-hour. I’ll check back in when the sun peeks over the horizon…

6:02: Yup, still awake. And I can just now see the upper “limb” of the sun poking over the horizon.

Oh my god, it’s gorgeous.

I took another couple of shots of it as it rose…

I can’t help thinking that I might just turn myself into a morning bird, if I could see this every day. And that’s a huge statement, coming from me.

Finally, the lower “limb” cleared the horizon about 3 minutes later…

6:05: The sun has risen!

Don’t ever quote me on this—and I’m talking to you, Mom and Dad! 😉—but I actually had fun.

6:21: Back in my room at last. I’m gonna see if I can squeeze in a couple more hours of sleep. Once a night owl, always a night owl…


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