General Update: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Do you think you recognize this blog, but the title and url are wrong? Are you wondering how you’re following it, when you don’t remember ever hitting the follow button?

That’s probably because this is the blog once known as “Far Beyond the Stars” at the now-inactive url: And I was once known as Perse Show, though now I go by my real name, Emma.

Now you’re probably wondering why I threw you all for a loop by changing web addresses, blog names, usernames, and basically everything else that identifies me, while still holding onto the same location of the web.

Don’t worry. I’m about to explain all that, and also how the aim and focus of this blog has changed and could change in the future. (Not much is different, just the way it connects to my life!)

The Early Days

This blog, now known as “Science at Your Doorstep,” has undergone a lot of changes in the last four years.

When I first started this blog, it was called “Perse Show” and was an online repository for my novels. (Those novels are no longer available online, though you can find most of my poetry at my FictionPress profile under the username PerseShow.)

Eventually I realized that “Perse Show” was not a strong name for this blog. Whenever I showed it to people, I would ask what they thought. First, they would squint at the screen. Then their eyebrows would screw up a bit. I’d prompt them, and they’d always ask the same question.

“What’s Perse Show?”

So I decided to change the name. Around the same time, I started posting science stuff. I oscillated between a couple different blog names, but ultimately settled on “Far Beyond the Stars.”

Getting Settled In

In my mind, this title encompassed the purpose of the blog. I was a writer of both original fiction and Star Trek fan fiction, as well as a science writer. As there is a Star Trek episode called “Far Beyond the Stars,” it felt like a fitting combination of all three.

As in, my imagination takes me far beyond the stars, but so do my science posts—more literally.

All this took a couple months short of a year, and by the end of that time, I was relatively settled on a focus for my blog. I felt comfortable within the blogging community, was fairly tech-capable at least with WordPress, and knew I could satisfy my audience.

Something still felt missing, though…

I really could have been content with what I had at this point. My fiction writing didn’t get that much attention, so I eventually chose to take it down (I wasn’t that impressed with it anyway). What remained was science, and that was what most of my followers wanted to read.

This is the part that most of you can remember.

This blog spent two years as “Far Beyond the Stars,” home to posts on all things related to science. My “Astronomical Chronicles” were a commonly enjoyed post series and dominated the blog. You might also remember my “Chemistry Queries,” which started later on.

Those of you who checked up on this blog more regularly might remember that soon after, I decided to close this blog.

I did this because I hated the url for “Far Beyond the Stars,” which was I wanted a fresh start with a new blog. It was the cheapest way to go.

Starting Fresh

I switched over to the blog known as “For the Love of Facts,” whose address is It is now inactive. It was once an activism blog. There, I wrote posts on science, my summer expeditions on the Tole Mour, and politics.

(For a while, “For the Love of Facts” was an archive for all non-science content formerly posted on “Science at Your Doorstep.” That archive is now called the “Old Content Archive” and can be found at

“For the Love of Facts” only lasted about a year, and never gained many followers—probably because I was forcing my writing. I was trying to impose organization where none should have existed. I was trying to direct my passion, rather than follow it.

This realization ultimately drew me back to “Far Beyond the Stars.”

Back on “For the Love of Facts,” I slowly chafed at my self-imposed content guidelines. I eventually chose to narrow my focus down to just science. This was when it occurred to me that my blogging focus had come full circle, and I was now posting the same posts my followers on “Far Beyond the Stars” had expected.

I realized that it made the most sense to simply start writing science again on “Far Beyond the Stars,” especially now that I was more aware of my own blogging focus.

Additionally, only a very small fraction of my followers from “Far Beyond the Stars” had actually made the switch to “For the Love of Facts” with me. So essentially, about 95% of them were following an inactive blog while I posted their favorite content elsewhere.

Why ask them all to migrate? To keep things as simple as possible, I switched back to “Far Beyond the Stars.” This way, they wouldn’t miss out on the posts they wanted to read.

But that left me with the same initial problem, the one that had driven me away from “Far Beyond the Stars” in the first place. I hated my url, and I had wanted to start fresh with a different blog in order to fix that.

Finally on the Right Track

Finally, I gave in to the quick-fix solution I should have chosen a year ago. I upgraded my plan so I could buy a new domain name—meaning, a new url. I discarded That url is now inactive.

Then I was faced with a brand-new and all-important question. What url was best for me?

I wanted to choose well, because I wanted a blog name I could stick with. I wanted one that my followers could count on. None of this blog-shuffling was fair to them, even if I did end up coming back to “Far Beyond the Stars.”

The first part of the choice was obvious. I wanted my blog to have a science focus, and that’s explained here. But there are tons of science blogs out there. What makes mine special?

I chose “Science at Your Doorstep” because my mission, for as long as I’ve been involved in astronomy, is to bring science to people’s doorsteps. I try to simplify scientific concepts using illustrations and real-life examples.

For example, I often compare atoms in chemistry to Lego bricks. I explain astronomical concepts using clear, well-illustrated diagrams.

How This Blog Relates to Me

That brings me to the overarching goal of this blog. It is science-focused and is intended to cover as many aspects of science as possible. I also try to write for a relatively young audience, somewhere in the high school – college undergraduate range.

I am a secondary education major, specifically for general science, so this blog’s purpose aligns well with my life direction. That’s good news for you—it means I won’t lose interest or change course again!

Update 5/1/18: I changed my major to astronomy, with a minor in English. I’m now thinking about writing for science magazines or possibly teaching astronomy at the college level in the future. Still, it’s hardly much of a deviation from this blog’s overarching goal. I still love science in general.

Update 12/17/18: I changed my minor to computer science. My major is still astronomy. Still…the computer science major involves programming and coding, which will no doubt help me with this website in the future. I’d say Science at Your Doorstep is in a pretty secure place.

Update 9/28/21: As I should have expected, my life as undergone a lot of upheaval since I last edited this post—but I’m still as dedicated to this blog as ever. I’m studying astronomy, physics, and astrophysics in order to achieve my Associate’s degree, hope to earn my Bachelor’s in astrophysics, and one day aspire to earn a PhD in cosmology. While depression and trauma have impeded my focus on this blog in recent years, I get more ideas for improving it all the time.

Update 8/31/22: It’s been almost a year since my last update to this post, and yet everything I wrote in Sept ’21 still resonates. It would seem my goals and understanding of what I want to do with my life have stabilized a bit. I hope that helps give you confidence in this blog.

I know what you’re thinking—how can I know, at 19, that I won’t change course? Well, let’s just say that I know myself well enough to say the following with certainty: Science will always be part of my life direction.

More specifically, science outreach will always be in my goals. That puts this blog in a pretty secure position.

How this blog might change in the future

If I change course, it might be something more along the lines of which avenue of science I’m focusing on. This blog is already open to all avenues of science, I just haven’t gotten around to most of them yet.

A course change for this blog in the future will not mean changing web addresses, blog names, or my name. It might mean changing what scientific topics I focus on the most heavily.

The whole idea is for me to become the world’s next Bill Nye, with “Science at Your Doorstep” as my website. (And if you don’t know who that is, just look up Bill Nye the Science Guy.)

“Science at Your Doorstep” has gone through a lot of renovations to get where it is today, but I find I rather like where I am now. I just followed the most circuitous route possible to get here.

But one thing’s for certain: You can count on this blog. It is not changing names or urls again, and the topic will stay clear and focused: science.

I hope to see you around!

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