A Word on “Other Fields”

You might have noticed that I have no real material in this category…I do apologize for that. If you’re interested in reading about biology, physics, or any other science field that’s not listed in the menu, there’s not much for you here—yet!

I have every intention of filling up Science at Your Doorstep with science posts of all sorts, from astronomy to biology to oceanography to paleontology. If it ends in -omy, -graphy, -logy, or any other science-y prefix, it’s gonna be here eventually. Okay, unless it’s astrology. I don’t post about that. To read why, see my post on pseudoscience.

So what’s taking me so long?

I have 51 astronomy drafts from before this blog’s name change. That number will probably fluctuate a bit, since I’m spreading my topics out and un-condensing posts that had a lot of information crammed in. Those 51 or so will be published first over the next 51 or so days.

I own a high school chemistry textbook and a college astrobiology textbook. Posts will come readily from the information in both once those 51 or so astronomy posts are published. (Astronomy posts will continue to be published.)

I also own Bill Nye’s Unstoppable, a book that takes an optimistic yet realistic approach to global warming. I’ll be using that to fill up my “Climate Science” category.

I have no definite plan for when I’ll post on subjects that are not on the menu, but I promise, they will happen. For instance, I have every intention of buying a high school physics textbook for a physics category.

There are other fields, such as biology, oceanography/marine biology, and a few others that I can also say a few words on.

First of all, I know next to nothing about oceanography and marine biology. But the sea has fascinated me ever since my four summers aboard the Tole Mour, so I intend to read up on them and write posts.

I’m currently taking an intensive biology college course. The material is being thrown at me far too quickly for me to shoot out regular posts on it at the moment. If I used this blog as a study tool, there’s a chance of me posting something dead wrong and a greater chance of just confusing you with dense information.

For those reasons, I’ve decided to wait until a bit later to start posting on biology.

If you have any questions about when I intend to post on other specific subjects, please do shoot me a line. I can’t promise a definite answer, but I’d love to hear from you. You can use the comment form below or my Contact page.

If you want a more direct way to communicate me than email, you can always message me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and giving me your time!

About Emma

I'm a college student, astronomer, writer, Democrat, global warming activist, hardcore trekkie, daring adventuress, and dreamer. I have three blogs to date. The primary one is Science at Your Doorstep, but I also post to The Sojourns of Star Trek and Toleventures. I guest post to A Momma's View. I write for different reasons. Sometimes because I want to share my process of discovery with others. Sometimes because I think a story is too incredible to keep it to myself. Sometimes just because I want to be heard. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!
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