Nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Blogging Award

I wasn’t actually clear on what the Liebster Award is, so I googled it and found this amazingly helpful post. All you newbies who have never heard of or received this award before, this post is for you! The purpose of the award is to promote new bloggers. The criteria for nominating bloggers, though not well-known, is that each nominee must have 3,000 or fewer followers. This number was later lowered to 200, and the writer of the post I linked to above bumped it to something in the middle: 1,000. No matter how many followers the rule allows for, I qualify, with a total 174 followers as of now. So thank you, Author S B Mazing, for nominating me. I really appreciate it. I’m not as new as I was when you nominated me, but I’m still under 200 followers!

The rules, as reported by Author S B Mazing:

  • Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog. ✓
  • Answer the questions given and then come up with 10 new ones to ask your nominees. ✓
  • Nominate other blogs, let them know you have nominated them and put a link to their blog in your post. ✓
  • No tag-backs. ✓

The questions I was asked:

  1. Boat or Plane?
    That’s a toughie. I so rarely take planes that flying on one is like Christmas. I probably wouldn’t consider flying so special and unique if I did so more. However, sailing will always hold a place in my heart. I will never forget the three-masted schooner I sailed four summers in a row. It became like a second home to me, if only for two weeks at a time.
  2. If you could ask one question to a famous person, what would it be and who would you ask?
    I have no idea. Do television actors count? Because I’m pretty obsessed with the character René Auberjonois plays in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Unfortunately, I already gave that answer in my last award. So who else…ok, not exactly famous, but I’ve gotta say either Columbo’s actor or Monk’s actor. (Both are detectives on television.) To Columbo’s actor, I’d ask how much Columbo knows about any one case before he starts manipulating his suspects. And as for Monk…do you have OCD and if you do, how can you stand your role?
  3. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
    I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything crazy, it was perfectly normal for me. 😜
  4. Snowboarding or Surfboarding?
    Do I have to choose between two things I’ve never even remotely tried? All right, surfboarding. Because in one, I fall into water. In doing the other, I’m only going to hit snow, and who wants snow all over their clothes?
  5. What is your most favorite Disney (Pixar) movie?
    Haven’t seen one of those in soooo long. Is Wall-E a Pixar movie? If so, there’s your answer.
  6. Who is your favorite character out of a Disney (Pixar) movie and why?
    Wall-E because he’s the only character out of a Pixar movie I can think of, period. Assuming he even is one.
  7. What is the last book you’ve read?
    Ummm…Allegiant, I think. Or…no, musta been Reached. Or was that Champion? I don’t remember anymore…
  8. Which one is your favorite book ever?
    Tough one…can I vote Penumbra, the one I’m writing? Otherwise, I gotta say any book that really affects me, enough that it’s all I can think about afterward. Maybe Bridge to Terabithia. But I haven’t read that since elementary school…
  9. Are you a risk taker?
    Only if it’s a calculated risk and I’m not risking something I’m not willing to give up. If you don’t take risks, you don’t get anywhere. Like Marlin in Finding Nemo.
  10. Who would you give your life for?
    Anyone who I loved and who needed me. Anyone I had a duty toward.

My questions for my nominees:

  1. What do you blog about?
  2. What would you like fellow bloggers to know about you?
  3. Do you have previous blogging experience, with a different blog?
  4. If so, what made you decide to start anew?
  5. Is there anything you’d like more experienced bloggers to remember/realize about beginning blogging?
  6. What kind of support to you crave, or do you prefer to be as independent as possible?
  7. How long have you been using the blog that was nominated?
  8. What do you like most about blogging?
  9. What would you like to tell the world?
  10. Do you have a favorite blog or blog topic? Feel free to recognize individual bloggers here as well.

And finally, my nominees. These bloggers are not all new to the world of blogging, but those who aren’t have started new blogs recently, and those are the ones I have nominated.

About Emma

I'm a college student, astronomer, writer, Democrat, global warming activist, hardcore trekkie, daring adventuress, and dreamer. I have four blogs to date. The primary one is Science at Your Doorstep, but I also post to The Sojourns of Star Trek, Common Sense Politics (US), and Toleventures. I guest post to A Momma's View. I write for different reasons. Sometimes because I want to share my process of discovery with others. Sometimes because I think a story is too incredible to keep it to myself. Sometimes just because I want to be heard. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!
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  1. Love your answers and your questions 🙂

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